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Kymco Dink Street 125, People S 300i, MyRoad 700i, Like 50/125, Movie 125 i

Large amount of new features and changes for KYMCO in 2009, which also continues the development of its structure in Luxembourg. The headquarters moved Kymco Europe before the end of the year in a 30,000 m2 building while still investing more in developing models for our markets, together with the Taiwanese factory course. The mark is currently part of Milan's new 2009, but others should be unveiled in the first half. Here's what we know today.
Kymco Myroad 700i
Kymco 700i MyroadKymco MyRoad 700i
It should arrive in spring 2009! Announced for 60 hp. and a dry weight of ... 265 kg, the new Kymco MyRoad probably less will create a standard performance by its equipment: ABS, adjustable rear shocks on the handlebars, monitoring tire pressure, LED taillight and trunk that can accommodate two large full-face helmets promising indeed make life easier for users. For the rest, the first maxi scooter Taiwan should also provide a dynamic comfort above the average. Its twin-cylinder fuel injection is associated here with a classic tubular steel frame. In short, nothing revolutionary but a vehicle while highly anticipated needs of "mobile practice" increasingly favor more maxi scooters. But expect to judge on its marketing piece.
News scooter 2009 : Kymco Downtown 300
News scooter 2009 Kymco Downtown 300Kymco Downtown 125i (Dink Street 125)
We'd shown at the show in Cologne. Despite the Downtown 300i will not ultimately imported into France in 2009, unlike its little brother 125 cm3. Originally called Downtown 125i, the name will resume Dink Street for France. With his youthful looks great compared to the current Grand Dink 125 (among the very best brand sales), it relies primarily on the technical basis for discovery on the Downtown 300i, but this time with the engine known in the Dink 125 injection . Otherwise, it shares little in common with its predecessor, with its central bar and including its definition more GT. Protection and Safety vast promise a daily practice, but it remains to try to confirm it. Its marketing is expected around March 2009 at a price probably below € 3,000.
Kymco News People S 300i
Kymco People S 300i
On the sidelines of the Downtown unveiled in Cologne, Kymco doubled the lead in this capacity with this unexpected People S 300i, directly derived from 250 of the same name, but this time with the engine also found in the Downtown 300i. A key, 24.3 hp. to optimize the range of this scooter already recognized for its strong acceleration. Featured in March 2009?
Kymco Like 50 et 125
Like Kymco 50 and 125
Scooters urban style "neo retro, the new Kymco Sym Fiddle Like draw on and offer their services to a broad customer base. They will indeed be available in 50 cm3 two-time (on a request from France and Belgium) and 125 4 stroke. The hardiness of their air-cooled engines are not conducive to performance: 4.5 hp. and 7.3 c. .. But their light weight (100 and 110 kg) should allow them to take their game well, especially as their price promises to be affordable. Featured in March 2009?
Kymco Movie 125 i
Kymco Movie 125 i
Return of the Movie in the range of Taiwan with this development in 2009. For the occasion, the machine adopts a whole new look and an engine fueled by electronic injection this time. The manufacturer promises 11.7 hp. Or the very respectable performance for the block cooled by forced air, which combined with a very reasonable overall weight (108 kg dry) should enable strong acceleration in urban land favorite this scooter compact and convenient. On the equipment side, we note the brake disc / rear drum brakes, a safe can contain a helmet, kick and electric start, 12-inch wheels and a tank of 7.5 liters.

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Kymco Scooters - The Kymco Xciting 500

Kymco scooters are among the top five scooter manufacturers in today's time. This may be because of the high demand of the brand due to the young crowd's preference. But what is this company really about? Where did it begin and what are its available scooters? Is it even showing any sign of progressing on into the future generations? All of these questions regarding the brand Kymco will be answered in this article. So if you are planning to get a Kymco, then you must read this article.

Back in 1963, a group of businessmen founded a new brand called Kymco Company in Japan. As its popularity grew, the company soon became Taiwan's leading manufacturer of the very famous scooters. Aside from this, the company kept exporting their vehicles to more than 70 countries throughout the world. Soon, their reputation exceeded them as their scooters became widely popular in the United States as well as its neighboring countries. The unique qualities of their scooters then became legendary in the industry. But what made its consumers have a higher interest in the products of the company is because their scooters did not only have a high quality, they were also durable.
Aside from being producing scooters, Kymco also acts as an Original Equipment Manufacturer. This high rating for the company is due to the fact that they have a complete and total control of all of their products being manufactured. This ranges from each single scooter part including its batteries, tires and everything else in one unit. Because Kymco relies completely on their own capability, this makes them self sufficient. And as a result, they have been considered of producing a high quality service to its clientele.
The scooters of Kymco come in a wide selection of makes and style to fit the needs of every individual. Their 49cc stoke models are perfect if you are a city traveler. While their 150cc is capable of reaching a 60mph, the 250cc caters to those who are serious travelers who prefer having a larger bike with an amazingly explosive speed and acceleration. For the individuals who would want a scooter which saves gas but at the same time, need a bike which is capable of holding a person with a large frame, Kymco has the bike called Kymco Xciting 500. This model was just recently reviewed and was found to have a very smooth ride along with a great acceleration for one heavy bike.
As compared to the other scooters, its seat has been positioned a bit higher which is why it is easier on one's back. However, there are some customers who have complained that they found the seat too hard. Nevertheless, if you are looking for one scooter with lots of grunt, saves gas and has a comfortable ride, the Kymco Xciting 500 might be the one for you among the Kymco scooters available.

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KYMCO SCOOTERS easy to install, affordable and easy to find

We all live in a practical society, nowadays electric or gas-powered scooters are all starting to rule the streets as people are starting to realize several advantages that scooter has to offer in terms of efficiency ,convenience and practicability. However, with its great demand to people manufacturers are challenged to come up with state of the art and affordable spare parts that would make up a well performing scooter.
In a time when fuel costs are sky rocketing, one obvious advantage of scooters is fuel economy. Filling the gas tank of most scooters involves only a fraction of the expense of keeping a typical car's tank full. For those on a tight budget, the cost of keeping scooters in running order is insignificant compared to automobiles. Since scooters such can be equipped with extra storage compartments and maintain City Street speeds, many local errands can be run on one tank of gas or a full electrical charge.
Even the most expensive scooters on the market today are noticeably cheaper than motorcycles and economy cars. Insurance requirements for scooters are usually less restrictive than equivalent liability coverage for cars and motorcycles. Many people find motorcycles to be difficult to operate and not practical for day-to-day activities like shopping or commuting to work. Even the most economical car may require substantial monthly payments in addition to licensing fees and mandatory insurance. Scooters, on the other hand, are much easier to operate than motorcycles and rarely incur the sort of damage or liability even the smallest automobile can experience.
Another advantage scooters have over larger vehicles is parking and storage. In many large cities, finding a suitable parking place for a car may involve endless loops around crowded streets or additional fees in a parking garage. The destination may still be blocks away, leaving the driver little choice but to walk. Scooters can legally be parked in city-sponsored bicycle racks or secured with chains to sturdy objects on the sidewalk. This means scooter owners can often find suitable parking almost anywhere along their planned routes. Scooters can also maintain city traffic speeds, making them less of a potential hazard than bicyclists or pedestrians.
Finally, in terms of economy, maintenance for scooters are far more practical than any other vehicle, aside from the fact that its spare parts are cheaper, they are also easy to install, affordable and easy to find. One could even get scooter parts in an online site called This website offers scooter parts, atv scooter parts, performance scooter parts and Kymco parts with easy to use Part Diagrams with quality and style.

With these above cited advantages of using scooters, it’s a must to start looking for a highly reputable scooter dealer that sells products with kymco parts such as kymco people s 50, kymco people s 50, kymco people s 50, kymco people s 50 4t , kymco people s 50 4t kymco super 9 50, sting 50, super 8 50, sento50, agility 50, grandvista 250, xciting 500ri, venox 250 as they guarantee a safe and practical journey.

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